Redmond Lacrosse Club provides an opportunity for our student athletes to learn to play competitive lacrosse and "Honor The Game".

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Our Vision:

  • The Vision of the Redmond Lacrosse Club is to be recognized as a competitive program for players K-12 that emphasizes proper lacrosse skills, sportsmanship, and good character.

Our Mission:

  • We will provide an organized, safe, fun, and competitive lacrosse program for players K-12.
  • We will promote, stimulate and expand public interest and understanding of youth lacrosse.
  • We will “Honor the Game” of youth lacrosse by instilling values of scholastic achievement, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Achievement of our Vision and Mission will result in...

  • A robust program that has a sustainable roster-base for year-round competition
  • A recognized sport that competes in the recreational and high school leagues
  • Representation of players at the college level, and beyond, who act as alumni and ambassadors for nurturing the sport in Redmond.
At Redmond Lacrosse we aspire to help contribute to the well rounded person and athlete. Building character is paramount in everything we do.
One of our key principles is that we encourage and support the multi-sport athlete. This means we will work around those conflicting obligations other sports and activities create because we care about what is best for the child first, and respect that other sports and activities teach kids valuable life lessons and skills that make them more impactful as a lacrosse player and teammate. This is a key component of our notion of teamwork that stretches beyond the field, as we try to team with the players and families to give kids a holistic great experience in everything they do and support their interests.
With an emphasis on teamwork, managing the details, and instilling dedication in our young players, we take pride in aspiring to create the Gold Standard for lacrosse organizations.