Redmond Lacrosse Club provides an opportunity for our student athletes to learn to play competitive lacrosse and "Honor The Game".

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Player Expectations 


  • Our players will demonstrate sportsmanlike behavior.

  • Unsportsmanlike or disrespectful behavior towards coaches, teammates, competitors, parents or officials either on or off the field will not be tolerated.

  • Players will be team players and always put the team first.

  • Players will listen to their coaches, respect their coaches and be ready to learn and have fun.

  • Players will have gear on and be ready to play at the start of practice and games.

  • Arriving on time is arriving late.  Players will arrive 15 minutes prior to practices to gear up.

  • Players will arrive to games no later than 30 minutes prior to the game (unless otherwise requested by the coaches).

  • Understand that you will be given every opportunity to participate.

  • Playing time is earned through attendance at practices and games, effort, and work ethic.

  • Notify coaches in advance if not attending a practice or game.

  • Equipment required at all times:

o Lacrosse Stick

o Helmet

o Gloves

o Shoulder Pads

o Mouth Guard

o Cleats

o Cup

o Pinny/Uniform

Players will not be allowed to play unless they are wearing all safety gear.